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How to Become a Fashion Designer?

Over the years, I had the honor to meet and/or talk to several talented Fashion Designers. All of them had great advice and clear ideas as to what a true Fashion Designer is made of. So I decided to make a short compilation of the best advice I have heard and who said it.
Every Fashion Designer started out from the beginning. Some dressed Barbie dolls when they were little. Others might have doodled fashion illustrations in their high school text books. Here is an overview on how to be a Fashion Designer, condensed into three steps.
1) Learn to Express Yourself with Fashion
A lecturer once said that the hardest thing for any Fashion Designer is to deliver concepts into reality. Fashion Designers create outfits by drawing, cutting, draping, and finally finishing the outfit. A lot of processes go into all stages of creating a fashion piece. Just like words or colors, clothes only look and feel right with the right combination of material and concepts.
One way to learn is to visit libraries for reference books on fashion. Attend fashion shows, network with like-minded people within the industry and if you are a student studying in a fashion school, get those leads from your lecturers. They should be able to recommend you to the right contacts. Sewing skills are an advantage, if not a necessity, to work as a Fashion Designer. In order to create all sorts of fashion pieces, you need good exposure to design concepts and practice.
2) Earn Your Creative License
Sadly, the world is full enough of people who speak louder than their actions. However, that can easily be avoided or cured. Enrolling in a design school for a diploma or degree in Fashion Design will build true capability to create stylish and practical clothes. In school, you will be taught by veteran professionals on how best to develop your skills. They will not only be able to recommend the right books and guide you to use industry-level technology to create fashion pieces. They should also be able to connect you with the connects in the industry.
Your certification will be proof that you have undergone professional training at an institute. Your portfolio created in school will prove your creativity and technical ability as a Fashion Designer.
3) Work Like a Professional
Those who are truly serious about what they do never stay amateurs for long. Neither should you. Right after graduating school, you should send portfolios and résumés to fashion houses, go for interviews and be prepared to work teh ground. This is where you get real experience on how Fashion works in the industry level. If you feel confident and skilled enough to set up your own label, go right ahead!
Want to more details about getting started on your Fashion Design career?
Send us an enquiry about studying fashion overseas and our education consultant will revert back shortly at Raffles Education Corporation.

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

Flowers And Fashion

Long a symbol of love and beauty, flowers have never gone out of style. Yet, some flower colors, varieties and designs are especially popular among more tasteful gift-givers and decorators. So, while the best advice may be to follow your own taste and sensibility, here's what experts predict will be cutting edge this year for fashion conscious flower lovers everywhere.

Seasonal Statements

Summer looks bright, with flashy colors, especially greens, oranges and yellows, dominating the scene. Gerber daisies, sunflowers, lilies and a spectacular array of colored roses are the mainstay. Designs are casual, contemporary, dramatic, or even outrageous. Blazing tropicals are growing in popularity, too.

Fall color palettes will be more refined, with a variety of rich textures gaining in importance. Look for dried grasses and berries accenting mini callas, Leonidas roses, and Asiatic lilies. Color selections are graced by rust, bronze, amber or copper hues. Centerpieces will be natural yet elegant with deeper color accents.

Traditional red will dominate the Christmas season again this year, but watch for a greater variety of fresh evergreens, berries, roes and accents. Other popular color schemes include darker reds and crimson shades, as well as non-traditional palettes such as purple and turquoise. Textures will continue to play an important role, with flower arrangements featuring everything from pinecones and cedar to intricate handmade ornaments. Expect to see more glass bowls, cubes and vases of every size, especially in colors. With an emphasis on home and hearth, decorator cachepots and family heirloom containers will also play a part.

Spring will burst forth with a flurry of color and all the variety of an English garden. Tulips, iris, hyacinth, freesia, lisianthus, ranunculus and asters are just some of the season's best. Fashionable designs may include simple clusters with just one type of bloom, compact nosegays with an abundance of varied blossoms and tall vased bouquets with stylish blooming branches. Traditional pastels will be back, with a decidedly feminine flair, but don't be surprised by occasional accents in bright fashion colors.

Wedding Flowers

Simple. Elegant. Unique. Those three words are the key to planning a stylish wedding this year. While traditional tones and flowers are still popular, trends are moving toward bouquets with only one type of flower for a clean, contemporary look. Roses are particularly popular, with orchids, Calla lilies, cymbidiums and hydrangea making frequent appearances.

Colors are leaning toward monochromatic, for strong identity and style. Red and white are popular all year. Bright colors, like greens and oranges, will flow in the summer months. The Bohemian look, consisting of metals, browns, oranges and greens will emerge in the Fall. Combinations like "Khaki and Cream" are a good example of this Autumn vogue. Whites, creams, peaches and soft pinks remain, but bolder colors will come shining through. So, don't be afraid to try something different, just remember to keep it simple, elegant and unique.

Flower Design Trends

From apple and lime to sage and celery, greens are definitely hot. Watch for cymbidiums, hydrangea, Kermit button poms, and roses in a variety of gorgeous green shades all year. In warmer months, look for hot pinks, bright oranges, and sunny yellows in the mix. In the cooler months, expect richer tones and deeper hues. The emphasis on design is texture and detail, with the best floral artists not only featuring unusual flower varieties but also other materials in their designs, such as grasses, berries, branches, and even metals. Design styles may vary from the streamlined elegance of just a few unusual blooms to the lush opulence of many different flowers combined, but regardless of style, it will be the small details and unusual accents that make all the difference this year.

Beauty Through The Ages

Flowers are timeless. Their popularity dates back ages. Yet, like anything else, flowers are subject to the ebb and flow of fashion trends. For the hottest colors, textures and design styles, keep an eye on your favorite decorating magazines, and clip a few of your favorite pictures. Then, consult your local florist. No matter what you have in mind, a professional florist can bring it to life. With an eye on design and a great florist partner, you'll find it's easy to make your floral gift-giving and home decorating more beautiful than ever and fashionably fresh all year.

Keep Up With Sock Fashion

Socks are increasingly becoming an important part of your fashion wardrobe. Don’t overlook sock trends when it comes to putting together your look for each season.

It might be the colours, the patterns or the length, but there’s always something that makes the next sock more fashionable than the last. For girls, bright over-the-knee socks have been the thing to wear, whilst a resurgence of 1980s fashion brought back legwarmer socks.

For men

Watch out for socks from leading designers. Never leaving a sartorial stone unturned, designers like Paul Smith make sure that there are eye-catching socks available to make an impact alongside his dramatic linings and classic cuts. Take a lead from this and, even if Paul Smith socks are out of your price range, try and find socks that follow the same principle – contrasting stripes and solid colours, or using bright colours and bold patterns.

For ladies

Socks, stockings and tights all change with the seasons. Patterned tights, or knee high hold-ups; tiny trainer socks or funky toe-socks, all have their place in the average underwear drawer. In the winter, the fashion for ankle or long boots means that ladies have to find something comfortable to wear inside the boots, and while bare feet and sandals is all the rage in the summer, there are times when they need feminine breathable socks for sports or travel.

For kids

With limited scope during term time because of uniform rules, kids love to have colourful, funky socks when it comes to leisure wear; and because kids’ feet grow as often as fashions change, it’s easy to keep up with the latest fashions in smaller socks. Character socks are consistently popular, depending on the latest film releases or TV programmes and socks that sparkle or make a noise are always fun. High street shops are usually well-prepared as far as children’s socks go, so you’ll have no trouble finding a great range of socks when you need to stock up.

Whether you’re a fashion expert or not, socks are a cheap and easy way to keep up with current and future trends.

Fears Behind False Fashion

False Fashion is it for you? What you have to bear in mind when keeping up with all the newest trend is, that never once were you in the designer/s thoughts when putting his/her creation together.

How many times have you cringed at styles knowing at the back of your mind how hideous you would look dressed in what was designed for the catwalk?

Top designer labels do not come cheap and can be quite expensive leaving you broke because you want to keep up with the Jones's

Ever felt stupid when attired up to nines to stop the jibes from your friends, keeping up with fashion is all well and good, but if you are not comfortable with your appearance then do something about it. Start by ignoring nasty remarks, true friends do not pass judgement unless in your favour.

It makes sense to put your own fashion ideas to use and into the bargain cost effective. Design your own label? Who knows may be your friends will want a piece of the action. Top designers started this way.

When out shopping; find a shop selling quality gear for half the price of what it would cost to dress in designer gear. You will find similar or duplicated designs to the latest craze in most stores. Is the content of your wallet/purse holding you back from making a purchase. Then get yourself to the local second hand shop and pick up a bargain.

Stick with the trend by wearing the colours in fashion. Charity shops donate to good causes, so as well as looking a million dollars you help the starving people of the world.

Uneasy with the new boob tube where the bare fleshy stomach is on full view, then narrow it down to a glimpse for the onlooker, add a little lace tassels or beads.

Belts do not do down well for the pleasantly plump, okay so we find an alternative. Gather leather strips, braid/plait them together then hang the twisted menagerie loosely around the waist add a little glitter to spice it up, this will not only look effective but complement your size.

How to get away with no boots if money is tight

Buy a closed in shoe then get a matching pair of coloured knee/ankle length socks and hey presto from a distance a pair of boots How good is that?

What is the point of expensive designer labels when the only person that gets to see that new outfit is you? all because the bank balance states 0.00 where you do not get to party till your next payday, and by then with the fashion industry as it is, the oufit may well be past its sell by date.

False fashion is what it is. Your height, weight, skin type was never taken into account by the designer unlike the rich stars. How on earth can you look your best by other folks choices? Think about it if anyone knows what will suit you? is you.

Summer Fashion And Fun For The Beach

Look Good & Have Fun This Summer With The Perfect Beach Wardrobe.

It’s that time of year when we pack up our bags and head to the beach for the day to enjoy those warm sunrays and the refreshing sound of the lapping water.

So what constitutes a good beach wardrobe. Well there are certain essentials that none of us forget. On goes the swimsuit and bathing suit cover, flip flops on our feet. Beach bag has been packed with the essentials – sunglasses, floppy hat, towel and a good book. Great – got the basics covered but what about the rest.

So if we are so prepared for a day at the beach, why is it by the time we get home we look pretty worn. Here are some helpful tips to make your day at the beach fun and keep you looking fashion fresh all day and all the way home.

First before you leave home, if you’ve got long hair pull it into a high pony tail or fun knot. Use some funky hair accessories that will stay in place when you’re swimming. Try a fun colored bobble or some firm fastening clips in bright summer colors. If you pull your hair up your neck will stay cool and you’ll look fresh all day with your neat hairdo.

Second slather yourself in sunscreen before leaving the house, then toss the sunscreen in your bag so you can reapply after a swim or every few hours. A sunburn is not only unhealthy and painful, it’s unattractive, so don’t let yourself turn into the lobster of the day. Your sunscreen should be a SPF of 15. It doesn’t hurt to use a strong SPF on your face or your entire body if you burn easily.

Your beach bag should be large enough to hold your supplies for the day. Why not get something fun and fashionable to keep you looking fashion fresh. Make sure you’ve got all the daily essentials in your bag – sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book, a floppy hat, some lip gloss, and any other makeup touch ups you’ll want. If you plan to wear eye makeup make sure it’s waterproof. Stay away from heavy foundations. If you must apply something use a bronzer moisturizer. It’s also a good idea to bring lip balm with an SPF15 to protect your lips. It never hurts to put some moisturizer in the bag. Include a snack and plenty of fluids. It’s important not to get dehydrated.

Okay great we’ve got the basics covered now what about the wardrobe basics? If you’re planning to wear a swimsuit it’s usually easiest to put it on at home, that way you’re not chasing down change rooms. So great – first on goes the swimsuit. Now what to wear for a cover? Well you’ve got plenty of choices. A tank top and shorts, tank and skort, or a nice light cotton dress all work well over top. Choose something that’s easy to put on and take off, and choose fabrics that breathe to keep you cool. I also suggest including a long sleeved cotton blouse just incase you start to burn you can protect your shoulders and arms.

If you’re planning on heading out later in the day without returning home you might want to toss a pair of jeans or long skirt into your bag. If your outing is going to extend into the evening you’ll want to include a sweater for the cooler evening air. If you’re worried about your evening wear getting sandy or wet at the beach, then place them in a separate bag and leave them in the trunk of your car. That way you are guaranteed they’ll remain fresh.

My favorite beach look is this. And what’s perfect is it keeps me looking fashion fresh throughout the day and takes me right into the evening. First I like a swimsuit that’s got lots of support and is bright and cheerful. I throw a fitted tank on top and throw on a loose flouncy long skirt. The long skirt serves me through the evening and also works great to cover up if I’m starting to burn. I choose a lightweight material in a darker color with a pattern that accents the colors in my swimsuit. Flip flops are my footwear. Depending on where I’m heading after the beach I choose either a basic pair or one of my funky pair with rhinestones or crystals. Easy to walk in, feet breath, and terrific for an evening out. I keep a fitted light weight sweater in my car, and take a long sleeved cotton blouse down to the beach. I usually choose a long sleeved and long length blouse because it’s versatile. I can knot it to create a short blouse, wear it long as a beach cover, and put it on if I start to burn on my upper body. I usually choose white or a soft pastel depending on my other colors. I like white because it’s cool to wear and refreshing to look at. Every year I buy a fun new beach tote that’s big enough for the beach but not too big as to take it with me for an evening out. I like a fun bag that’s full of character.

Since I always feel naked without my jewelry I wear fashion jewelry to the beach. That way should I loose something I won’t be out a lot of money and I won’t feel so bad. I like to keep the earrings simple and elegant. I may or may not wear a necklace. Often I’ll toss a funky wood necklace in the bag to add to the evening outfit. I like to wear a couple of fashion rings just to add the finishing touches. Now if you’re fussy about tan lines you’ll probably want to forgo the rings. I toss my watch in the bottom of my bag so I can put it on later.

That’s it – simple is the key. Keep your beach wardrobe choices simple but fashionable. Think ahead so you can go from beach to an evening out without hassle. Remember to always make your fashion statement!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion For Cruises

No, I am not going to discuss Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' fashion sense. Going on cruises -- you know, aboard a ship -- is more than just a vacation. This is a time when dressing up is a must especially in the main dining hall and night socials. Though many cruise ships have loosened their dress code policies, there are still premier lines that keep the old dressing up traditions. It is a good thing, too, because most people who go on cruises are people who want to break the monotony of their lives. Dressing up gives them an opportunity to break from their routine and lets them get the most from their cruise vacation. Dressing up is not really a problem, it is the packing that frustrates many. By many, I mean us, women.

How many times have you tried to shut and zip up an overflowing suitcase only to be denied at the port or airport because your luggage is at least 20 pounds overweight? Dressing up on cruise does not mean that you have to pack your whole wardrobe. Cruise fashion means smart and practical packing. Being stressed out because of too much luggage makes us look haggard even in our best evening dress. Before you pack, it is important to be familiar about your cruise's itinerary. This gives you a general idea what clothes, accessories, and shoes to pack. Since the itinerary and dress code of the cruise is usually printed with the brochure, you should have no problem with this. If you like to be sure, call the travel agency that promotes the cruise. In general, cruises often require that you attend three kinds of activities: a formal social, smart casual affair, and a casual/sporty activity.

Since you won't be spending the day locked up in your cabin, remember to pack good day wear aside from your stilettos. Day wear can mean anything from swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, and jeans depending on wear you are going. Bahamas cruises certainly merit good swimsuits, sarongs, and other breezy wear. If you are thinking of a Scandinavian tour, hiking boots, jackets, hiking clothes, and gloves are must-haves. Bring sweatshirts, wraps, or lightweight windbreakers for sudden changes in temperatures.

Nighttime aboard on the ship usually involves socials that require dressing up. If your itinerary specifies several strictly formal events, just bring a formal dress or two and key pieces of jewelry. There are dresses that are designed to function in multiple ways: asymmetrical, tube, halter, or with straps. You could buy and pack one of these and save on luggage space. Your staple black dress is fine as long as you change the accessories that go with it. Wraps, shawls, earrings, and necklaces are good additions to your outfit. If you prefer pantsuits, bring a pair of versatile dress slacks and several tops to go with it. Cruise Diva editor Linda Coffman actually advises concentrating on the waist up. People hardly notice what pants or shoes you wear as long as they notice change on your tops and accessories.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Says What Your Fashion Statement Is?

Who exactly should say what your Fashion Statement is? You of course! Each of us has our own likes, dislikes comfort zones, body shape & size, and life styles. Yes its wonderful to pick up the magazine that shows this years top stars like Sarah, Jessica, Nicole, and Gwen but hey we aren't them right.

Perhaps my comfort zone is a loose fit, maybe yours is a very tailored or tight fit. I like turtle necks, you've got cleavage and like to show it. Maybe your a rancher and functional is important, or an office executive where a professional look is critical. Tweeds in and you hate tweed, then don't buy tweed. Hot colors are in but your skin is washed out, then stick to the colors that look good on you but perhaps dress them up with a little color. Low rise pants are in but they aren't attractive on you, then don't buy them.

It's all wonderful and dandy for the fashion world to tell us what is in, what we should wear. But the bottom line is clothes that we buy and hang in the closet never to be warn are a waste of our money. Don't feel pressured to stay with the trends. Trends come and go. If you stick with your basics and then add a piece here and there that fits the current fashions you'll be much better off.

So pick up the popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Style, or Elle. Have a flip through. Then take what you like and use it and toss the rest away. What really matters is that you feel "good" in the look you present. When you feel good about how you look your confidence level jumps, your happier, and your positive energy flows around you.

If a pair of blue jeans with a tank top and big bold earrings is your thing then that's your fashion statement. If you like long skirts, heels, and gold jewelry then that's your fashion statement. Don't let anyone or anybody change you from who you are. Because you are your fashion statement.

Now that's not to say we can't all take a lesson or so, get the creative juices flowing, or freshen our look. The magazines are terrific ways to do just that. There are plenty of great web sites that can also be very helpful.

Don't forget accesories can spice up any outfit. Denim can be very classy with the right shoes and jewelry. Your black dress can become quite informal and fun with the right jewelry or belt. Change the entire look of an outfit with your accesories. Utilize all your wardrobe by mixing and matching pieces, jewelry, shoes, and other accesories. The more jewelry you have the more looks you can create.

You are your fashion statement. Say what you want, say it how you want, wear it how you want! If your comfortable in your look your going to show your confidence. Be you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latest Trends In Fashion

Fashion is an incredibly fickle, but fashionistas of all ages still love it! However, this can be a quite confusing topic, as the must haves of last season should never see the light of day for this season. If you find yourself wondering what’s in and what’s out, you should be properly schooled in the latest trends in fashion. By far, the best resource for finding the latest fashion trends are the plethora of available fashion magazines! Take time to flip through the fashion mags to see what’s in, what’s out, who’s wearing what, and what you shouldn’t be wearing at all!

In order to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, consider building your wardrobe around staple items that are sure to be in style regardless of the season. These basic pieces serve as the foundation for your wardrobe, allowing you to spend a minimal amount each season on stylish extras that may only last a single season. By keeping the large pieces of your wardrobe capable of shifting from season to season, you will be able to work on any budget and stay as stylish as ever!

Invest in a couple pieces of trendy items for each season. None of these purchases should be splurges, as you will only be able to wear them for an extremely limited amount of time. Although that designer bag looks like it will be around forever, it probably won’t, so use the money to purchase something a bit more sensible—and something else completely fun! Since many of these items are it now, there is little chance of finding them on sale. Consider shopping at discount stores or buying more inexpensive items, regardless of their quality. Remember, these items will be on the “out” list in a couple of months, so they are not likely to wear out from excess use.

Everyone has those pictures tucked away in the bottom of the photo box. You know the ones…with the outrageous elephant leg bell bottoms, electric colored tops, fingerless gloves, and even—eek—leg warmers! In order to avoid becoming a fashion victim later on in your life as a fashionistas, consider going easy on the fashion trends. Just because super huge hoop earrings, splashy faux flower corsages, and cowboy boots are all the rage this season, you by no means should wear them all at once! Limit yourself to only one or two tremendously trendy items per wardrobe in order to be fashion fabulous instead of a fashion victim!

Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Fashion

Are you a beach aficionado? Do you crave to bask in the gushing tides kissing your feet and glistening sun overhead? If yes, then besides being vigilant of your skin and swim suit, do you spare a thought about your beach footwear? Beach footwear is one of the most significant accessories while you are on your way to the beach. It is not just meant to comfort your feet, save you from the trouble of slipping or sliding away in the greasy sand but also adds to your style and appearance. Bearing the surging craze for trendy, comfortable and sustainable beach sandals in mind, today numerous companies have landed into their manufacturing business. For instance the active beach sandals are a leading brand in this area. This article thus will showcase for you the various demands that the beach sandals meet for the young as well as the old.

• Since Homo sapiens are unique in every manner, some prefer style to comfort while for the others it’s the reverse. Whereas embellishing your looks with the beach footwear is concerned, there are quite a few ways to do that. For instance opt for the sandals that complement your attire…your designer jeans. If the pair of jeans you are wearing is deep blue in color, aqua shade beach sandals are a wonderful idea. But hey friends color is not just the sole parameter! The cuts and artwork done on your jeans can even be correspond to your beach sandals. The women reef sandals, Chaco sandals, rainbow sandals, women’s clearance sandals and so forth facilitate you with variously crafted sandals to suit your special outfit and make you look gorgeous even in midst of drenching giant waves, perspiring heat and naughty sand that leaves no opportunity to meddle with your looks.

• When it comes to comfort, a pair of simple but soothing sandals is perhaps the best way to pamper your feet. A case in point here can be the Men’s Rainbow Sandals. In order to safeguard all men on the beach from sliding on the slippery mud, these hand made sandals are provided with a non-skid surface that casts the foot and guarantee a perfect fit and walk for almost everybody who wears it. The rainbow sandals are also supplemented with a life assisting parachute stitching, 2k lb test military spec strap and is made up of laminated, closed cell sponge rubber ensuring an excellent grip.

• Besides slipping, another feature that is quite dominant in the field of sale and purchase of sandals is its water proofing capacity and sustainability. The widely used and acclaimed Chaco products are a paradigm example. The Chaco beach footwear for men as well as women are an amalgam of durability, comfort and fashion.

• If your feet are still deprived of amicable beach footwear, you need not worry about it. For now you can shop the sandals online. Almost all the eminent brands that market the beach footwear have displayed the pictures with prices and the range of items available on their respective sites. The sites include the special characteristic of each type of sandal and the details of its purchase online. Most often in order to woo more customers, companies exempt their product from few taxes like sales tax, cost of shipping etc. under certain conditions.

So when are you cheering up your soaking feet with an ideal friend…a pair of perfect beach sandals!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lingerie As Fashion Statement

When Madonna first wore her sexy underwear as outerwear our parents were astonished and we thought she was soooo daring. Today a camisole or corset in public is the sexy norm and something for every woman - not just the most daring "material girls". Of course you want to make sure sensitive bits are covered so you do not end up spending the night in jail instead of in the throes of passion!

A great way to show your taste for the lingerie look is through the use of bows and tassels. The ultra-popular low-rider jeans help with this and a there are a tons of thongs, panties and bustiers that are made to be shown and not hidden. Lingerie now comes highlighted with crystals, sequins, fur and exquisite lace just begging to be shown off.

Thongs have been big for the past few years and every day more women are discovering that thongs really are not just "uncomfortable butt floss" but give a really cool and liberating feeling. More women are wearing thongs for everyday activities and not just to look sexy for someone else.

Is anything sexier and more feminine than a corset? The demand for corsets is growing by leaps and bounds. With the camisole corset you don't have to worry about the breathtaking fit of yesteryear - just the breathtaking look of you in all your womanly glory!

Of course, the best trend to come along recently is the tremendous growth in the plus size lingerie industry in both quantity and quality. Not too long ago there were very few choices for big beautiful women for looking sexy and now there are whole stores dedicated to large size sexy costumes and garters and more. No longer does plus size mean minus sexy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Travel With Fashion Style!

Your heading out for that vacation you've been waiting sooo long for. You've got your tickets, passports current. Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion as you jet off to paradise - you can truly have both!

What to take? It's really quite easy. Don't just squeeze whatever you can into that suitcase, then hope you've got everything to travel in style. We're going to help you pack the perfect "fashion statement" suitcase for your trip to paradise!

Trip to the Airport - For your trip to the airport dress comfortably but don't overdo it. Don't be a "show off" at the airport, you'll draw as much negative attention as the "scruffy person". Remember you've got security to clear so keep the jewelry simple to avoid setting off alarms and creating long lineups of backlog as they take you apart one piece at a time.

Carry a travel wallet with slots for your id, passport and boarding pass - it will keep things moving smoothly. Have a pocket in your carry on where you can place your jewelry and coins in prior to clearing security. Remember your jacket, poncho, or overgarmet may be removed so make sure what your wearing underneath is appropriate for others to view.

Basics to Pack - Pack a lightweight coat, white or light colored shirt that goes with many of your other wardrobe pieces, neutral pants, and a tote bag. Be sure to include a cardigan for the cooler evenings. Pack a versatile dress than you can dress up or down depending on what your plans are. Pack both flat sandles and sandles with a slight heel - wedges are perfect.

Wardrobe For Sightseeing - As glamourous as you may want to look while out exploring the sites and shopping at your destination, stilettos are out of the question! Comfortable shoes are a must for the mileage your going to put on your feet. As well you must bring jeans or similar type casual pant, day or night jacket, a versatile skirt and a dress is great.

Your Trip To The Beach - Don't overpack for a week in the tropics. Just bring the minimum, you'll not be wearing much more than that in your "hot" tropical location. Make certain you have a pair of strappy flat or near flat sandles that you find comfortable for walking in and don't mind if they get covered in sand or water.
Don't forget your bathing suit or bikini - most important. Sunglasses and a tote are also needed. Add a light sundress, cotton blend shirt, hat, denim or similar type causal short skirt, shorts, and a light sweater.

Make yourself a checklist. Remember - pack for your destination, pack simple but pack fashionable. Add accessories and jewelry and you'll have fashionable fun in paradise!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 Tips For A Great Fashion Fit

Ladies, have you ever been in a department store dressing room and talked yourself into buying an outfit that looked great – on someone else?

Face it. If it doesn’t fit right in the dressing room, it won’t fit well or look good when you wear it out in public. Here are five quick and easy tips to remember when buying clothes that look good and fit well on your body type.

Tip #1 – Stick to a Color Theme

Wear the same color from head to toe. This will create the illusion of a long lean line. Neutral colors work best for this effect: black, brown, camel or cream. (Note: add a splash of color with a jacket or wrap)

Tip #2 – Wear Your Correct Size

Dress in the size you are – not the size you want to be. In spite of what you might believe, wearing clothes that are too tight or too big will make you look LARGER.

Tip #3 – Be Aware of Flattering Fabrics

You want to wear fabrics that skim your curves instead of cling to them. Fabrics should drape your body and make you look good, not lumpy.

Tip #4 – Best Pants to Wear

The most flattering pants to wear for all body types have a flat front, fall just below the navel (not hip huggers), and flare slightly at the bottom.

Tip #5 – Best Skirt to Wear

The most flattering skirts to wear for all body types gets a perfect grade of “A”. The A-line skirt looks good on everybody and is great for hiding figure flaws.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Are You in a Fashion Rut? 2 Signs That You Need to Dig Your Way Out

It is one of the great riddles of the ages. One of life’s few mysteries remaining and one of the last puzzles to be solved. How is it possible to have a closet full of clothes, but yet have absolutely nothing to wear?

This thought has plagued women for millennia. Even Eve looked around the garden and complained to Adam that she could not find the right fig leaf. Later in history, Greek women threw open their closets and announced sadly, “More togas?”

Here is a possible reason that in the age of internet shoe shopping, dry clean delivery, and custom-built closets you have still not solved this riddle. You my friend are stuck in a rut. Others might even refer to you as a Plain Jane. In the world of fashion, this means you are always wearing the same things in the same way. However, you can wear the same things in different ways and multiple your wardrobe without even involving Mr. MasterCard.

Here is are two signs that you are stuck in a fashion rut:

1) Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and noticed that you are wearing the same outfit as you are in the picture? It is a very existential feeling, but also a little embarrassing. Diagnosis = rut.

2) Have you ever gone to reach for an outfit to wear only to realize that you haven’t done laundry for a week so you can no longer wear the outfit? Romeo and Juliet are no match for you and your favorite T-shirt, the Shakespearean characters could at least be parted for a week. Diagnosis = rut.

So you have identified that you are in a rut. What is the next step? Well, you are going to invoke the slogan of the famous Apple campaign “Think Different.” We all have “uniforms,” meaning this blouse goes with this pair of pants and that is how we always wear them. We wear them together like peanut butter and jelly. However, peanut butter goes together with many other things. For instance, peanut butter and chocolate is light years better than peanut butter and jelly. The problem is that most of us do not even pause to consider other pairings with our clothing and these other options could be really awesome like peanut butter and chocolate.
Now that you have a craving for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, here is an easy trick to discover other pairings. If you can reach to left six inches, you can do this. If you can reach to the right six inches, you can do this because that is all there is to it. Think, “Left Six, Right Six.”

Let’s say you grab your white blouse out of the closet and you go to grab your black pants out of the closet because that is always what you wear with your white blouse. Before you reach for those black pants you are going to pause and then think, “Left Six, Right Six.” This means you are going to look to your left six inches to see if there is anything to wear with your white blouse and you are going to look to your right six inches to see if there is anything to pair with your blouse. Six inches over from your black pants may be the perfect brown skirt - your chocolate. It could compliment your blouse better and you could get more compliments from your coworkers. You are Plain Jane no more.

While “Left Six, Right Six” is not the Rosetta Stone, it is getting us one step closer to solving this age old having-nothing-to-wear paradox. The secret hope of women everywhere is that the U.S. space program was shut down this year so that NASA can redirect their efforts to answering this wardrobe puzzle. Finally this puzzle will be solved or maybe we’ll just get a new flavor of Tang. Until then just remember “Left Six, Right Six” and say bye-bye to Plain Jane.