Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Have an Edge in Fashion

Fashion is not only limited to clothes, bag or shoes. It includes choosing the right accessory that would fit to every single one of them. It should compliment to every item you are wearing. It doesn’t have to cost much either. Having lots of money can maybe give you an edge on things but using your imagination and creativity would also do the trick. You just have to pair things up and choose the most appropriate accessory for your outfit. One of the most well known accessories that would help you achieve excellence is through fashion belts. It is created mostly for women who simply wanted to look beautiful. Fashion belts are accessories that would make every outfit look even more elegant and stylish. It is also one great fashion investments that you may want to keep into your wardrobes.

Fashion Belts comes with any colors and styles that would all fit into a woman’s shape. One specific type of belt that I personally love is the studded belts. Rock stars wear this specific type of fashion belts. Belts of such are made of leather with studs that gives it an accent. They are usually darker in color compared to other types of belts which also gives the wearer a strong type of personality. Studded belts are worn along with other pieces of accessories like layers of silver necklaces and bracelets. This would help them compose a strong character which illustrates a real rock star.

The studs could also be made of something other than silver. It could be gold, chrome or crystal as long as it pleases the wearer’s style and taste. Some women are fund of doing some experiments and actually make something new out of what it is. You could something for yourselves too. You can start from buying a simple belt which is readily available at your local stores. I suggest you go visit them and decide right then and there. These studded belts are both good on parties and bar hopping. Informal events like going out with your friends are appropriate with this kind of belt.

Wanting to have a rock star punk look doest really mean that you have to appear intimidating or frightening. It should always reflect the personality and character of the wearer. Same thing goes to every type of fashion. You don’t have to be somebody else just because you are wearing something. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with it. No matter what style of clothing you choose, just be yourself. Do not let trends of fashion limit you or direct you on what you should wear or what you should not. Doing this would conceal your true and innate beauty. They key for looking good is feeling good. You can start from here and do some experiments. Be creative and if possible, ask for help from your friends. This way, you will not only achieve the looks you always dreamed of but also can serve as a way to bond with your dearest friends.