Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fashion Accessories For Men

In the modern world, it is important to look good if you want to get the best out of life. Whether it’s your career or relationships, you cannot progress simply by dint of your talent and personality. It is commonly acknowledged that men were never as fashion conscious as women and adornment was an exclusively feminine area of interest. But times have changed, and well groomed men are everywhere you look. And for adding that oomph to your appearance, fashion accessories can go a long way.

Importance of Fashion Accessories for Men

Fashion accessories can add polish and detail to your formal as well as casual wear. The right accessory can enhance your basic clothing and also have other functional benefits. If you can get the balance of visual-appeal and versatility right while buying an accessory, you can look to gain lots from it. So, what are the essential fashion accessories that men should have?


A belt should ideally blend in with the rest of your clothes and thus should not be loud and ostentatious. You should also try to own a dress belt as well as a jeans belt. In case you don’t know the difference between the two; a dress belt has a narrow width (3cm or less) along with a small buckle while a jeans belt is broader and has a large buckle. Make sure you buy a black dress belt because it blends in best with formal wear. For the jeans belt, you can buy a reversible one which can give you the option of wearing black as well as brown. Chrome buckles are in and so do not go for a brass one.

Cufflinks and Ties

No formal wear is complete without cufflinks and ties. Although work-wear has mellowed down from strictly formal to business casual, there are some occasions which require detailed formal wear. So, even you are can go to work in tees, it is important that you own formal accessories.

For a tie that can be worn with most of your formal shirts, go for a striped one in navy blue or burgundy. Avoid crazy patterns and loud colors if you don’t want to appear out of place in a formal environment.

Though it is a good idea to match the dominant color of your tie with that of the cufflinks, you can settle for a chrome cufflink that matches most ties. It looks sleek and stylish too! Your cufflinks should be in classic shapes such as oval, circle or square and not any wacky ones.


Choose a bag that is useful as well as stylish. The messenger bag is perhaps the best bet because it goes well with both formal and casual wear. A plain black or brown messenger bag made of leather is easy to carry and looks good too! A backpack is suitable for traveling but not so much for carrying to work.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of fashion accessories, but can be really helpful if you don’t know where to start stylizing your look. So, start selecting your fashion accessories today!