Monday, September 10, 2012

Hat Designs & Fashion

Believe it or not, designing a hat takes a bit more work than you may think. In fact, the designing of a hat is a bit like sculpting a three dimensional sculpture, which is a bit different from most types of fashion design. Usually a pre-production sample of a hate is made before it is mass produced, and then this hat can be changed to fit the needs and wishes of designers and manufacturers alike.

There are a variety of things that a designer keeps in mind when they are making a new type of hat. Things that they consider are practicality, the appeal to the buyer, and the cost of the hate as well. While a beautiful hate is great, it will be of no use if the hat is too expensive to make and so uncomfortable that no one wants to wear it. When designing a new hat, the designer must keep in mind the specific audience that they want to market this hat to. Various marketing groups have different style and price preferences that must be considered. Designers that are successful are aware of various groups of people and what kinds of hats will please those groups.

Once the design has been decided, there are a few different steps involved with producing a new hat. The process will be dependent upon its' intended production. Some hats are factory hats, in which there are many different copies of the hat made. Other hats are designer hats, and these hats are made in limited amounts for exclusivity. Then there are model millinery hats, which means that the hat is a one of a kind design that will never be duplicated.

If a designer is creating a model hat, then it provides them with a lot more flexibility to be creative. While factory hats and designer hats must both be made so that they are easy to reproduce, designer hats may be sewn by hand, which gives them a bit more flexibility that factory hats. The reason for this is that those who purchase designer hats are usually willing to put out the extra money it takes to pay people to hand sew these hats. Hats that are factory made must be easy to construct on a machine very quickly. This also means that usually they are not constructed as well or made out of as quality materials as more expensive hats in order to be more affordable to most people.

Most people are more likely to own a hat that was manufactured in a factory rather than the other types of hats. Usually hats are bought for various types of special occasions, such as weddings, or even a baseball game. Usually hats are purchase for they way they look and not the quality of the hat, so this means that those designing the hat must make the hat look good while keeping the price in an affordable range. Designers must also make sure that not too much quality is sacrificed either. Low quality hats may not sell well. All of these things put together make designing hats quite a complex skill, which takes training, attention, and a great deal of hard work.