Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Some Men Have No Fashion Sense

Show me a guy who is well dressed and I'll show you a man who's girlfriend, or mother buys their clothes. This may not be true for all the guys, but I would bet that it's true most of the time. Most guys do not understand fashion as women do and it obvious.

When you see a guy dressed well, even if there is no influence of women, there's a good chance the sales people have selected their clothes. You really cannot blame the poor guy for two reasons. First, men rarely watch commercials or look at fashion magazines or discuss clothes. Most men hate to shop for things they cannot find in a hardware store or sports shop.

I believe the male genes have at least 2 or 3 genes that protect them from any shopping or fashion interest. Color and style are of little interest unless the discussion is on autos, motorcycles, or barbecue grills. For a majority of men, there are three primary colors, not aspen white or dull gray winter, men just don't see them or recognize the difference.

There can be exceptions if a guy has a lot of cash to burn but that is not based on style. If he wears an Armani suit, the chances are that he's just shopping in a store with more expensive clothes. It's more of a demonstration of success than of fashion sense when a guy goes designer clothes.

When most men do go clothes shopping they head directly to the section of interest and picks 2 or 3 colors of the same design. In and out in 15 minutes if possible. Most guys do not even try on clothes unless they think they may have gained or lost weight recently.

Just check out the men's department in most stores and watch a guy buy a dress suit. If he comes to replace a worn out suit, he will go with the same color and design of the old one. If he wants a new suit, he will look for a different color (any color that is different will do). He then allows the sales person to pick out a matching shirt and tie that go with the new outfit.

This is a guy who will go to a store of sporting goods and spend two hours looking for a new fishing reel or a pair of binoculars. Look at lawnmowers for weeks and go in several different stores to check each one out. When it comes to clothing, it is inside and out in 15 minutes flat.

You can even see the difference in selections in most departments for men. They may have five or eight different types of trousers, shirts and sports coats, whatever. Glance at the section for Women and you will see acres of different styles, colors and outfits to fit any occasion. That's because retailers understand the difference between men and women shoppers.

In fact most men do not even think Moving into new clothes unless his wife, girlfriend, mother also told him. The guys were their clothes until they fall or are completely worn out. A good example of the problem is shoes. Just look at the shoes many guys still wear way after they should be replaced and you'll see what I mean.

Speaking of shoes, how many shoes are in most guys' closet? Probably a pair of dress shoes, maybe two or three pairs of sneakers or the equivalent, and perhaps some sporting or climbing boots. Look in the closet of most women and you'll see rows and rows of shoes, all styles and colors. An average guy could have up to 10 pairs in total; most women will have five times that amount.

As I mentioned, it is in the men's genes. So women, do not blame your husband, boyfriend, or son for his lack of fashion sense. It's not his fault. If you want him to dress better, you need to realize that you better go with him next time he goes shopping. And you may have to suggest it too.