Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men

Some guys are brilliant with their fashion knowledge, but most just don’t have a clue when it comes to fashion. This article is for those men who need tips on how to appear fashionable yet masculine. Appearance can make or break a business deal, job opportunity, or first-date. Follow these ten simple rules and improve your fashion sense.

1. Make sure the clothes fit properly. This is the most important rule. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Ralph Lauren or Versace – if it doesn’t fit properly, it looks terrible. These days, you can get custom-made shirts and suits if you’re one of those guys who find it difficult to find off-the-rack items that fit. One of the number one fashion faux pas is the baggy bottom effect. Make sure those jeans fit!

2. Learn how to use an iron. As above, it doesn’t matter if you wear designer clothes if the clothes are full of wrinkles. Invest in an iron and learn how to use it, or buy items that are wrinkle-resistant.

3. Invest in some good shoes. Women pay attention to shoes, and so should men. There’s nothing worse than a great outfit that’s spoiled by a pair of cheap shoes in a color or style that don’t match the clothes. You only need two or three good pairs that will go with anything you wear. Ask at the shoe store for some good “staple” shoes.

4. Don’t be afraid of color. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard and wear eight different colors at once, but do try to break out of that blue-or-black rut.

5. Buy clothes as expensive as you can afford. Generally, when it comes to clothes, the expensive ones are pricey for a reason – they’re high quality. Buy classics that will last you a long time and your investment will be worth it. Cheap clothes will not last, and they look like their price.

6. Accessorize! is full of handmade accessories like tie bars and tacks, cuff links, watches, belt buckles, and more. Express some personality with your accessories.

7. Act confident. When you feel confident about your appearance and carry yourself well, you make your clothes look better. A man with good posture always looks better than one who slouches, even if they wear the exact same clothes.

8. Avoid “fad” trends. Don’t invest good money in a clothing trend that is sure to pass before the end of the season. If you must follow celebrity trends, pick an accessory that is easily replaceable, like a pair of sunglasses or a hat.

9. The classics are always, well…classic. If you have a few good classic staples in your wardrobe, you can build upon them each year and never have a tired look. Choose good suits with classic cuts (think a more modern version of the double-breasted suit that emphasizes wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and narrow trousers), a few pairs of good jeans, and a nice coat or two. Wool pea-coats are one of those classic staples that never get old, and look good over anything.

10. Keep good grooming habits. There’s no easier way to ruin the effects of great clothes than when you go out with greasy hair or an unshaven face. Daily maintenance takes a lot less time than occasional overhauls, so take a few minutes each day and make sure your face and hair are tidy. Get your hair cut regularly, and invest in a good razor. If you’re one for a beard or moustache, keep it trimmed and clean.

These ten general fashion tips will help even the most hopeless of men get a grip on how to be fashionable. Be amazed at how your friends and family (and complete strangers) notice your improved appearance when you make these simple changes.